Before we discuss how you can choose the right LinkedIn advertising agency, let’s talk about leads. A lead describes people interested in your product or service. They are the perfect people to turn into customers because:

  • They already have an interest in your product or service, and
  • As a result of lead generation efforts, they are pre-screened.

Imagine selling to someone actively looking for something to buy. On top of that, you already know they are willing and able to do so.

Needless to say, leads are precious to any business. As a consequence, an entire industry built around getting and nurturing leads exists.

Lead Generation Explained

Lead generation, then, describes the process of obtaining leads. Many methods are used to accomplish this process. However, the goal of lead generation is always to make people take a specific interest in your product. Once you have captured leads you can then direct them through your marketing funnel, then coming up with a sale at the end.

Lead generation is generally differentiated into:


You actively contact potential customers through advertisements, trade shows, cold calls or emails, and more. It is still an effective technique when done right, though it has lost some of its appeal at present. A place in the marketing world still exists for outbound marketing especially in more conservative niches and industries.


This lead generation technique is prevalent today. It involves attracting would-be customers through valuable content (as opposed to a blatant advertisement). Valuable content connects a brand and a customer. This connection establishes trust. This results in a customer coming to your business to opt-in, sign up, or buy.

Really, a combination of outbound and inbound lead generation is ideal. LinkedIn, through the different advertising channels they offer, makes these two methods very easy to use.

Let’s begin exploring the options and learn just how much benefit a LinkedIn advertising agency provides your business.

Advertising and Marketing on LinkedIn

Running lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn involves the use of text, image and video ads, sponsored content, and direct-to-message advertisements. Take a closer look at the mentioned options:

Text, Image, and Video Ads

These advertisements are your usual PPC ads, similar to AdWords and Facebook Ads. They show up at the lower-right half of the LinkedIn website. 

With these ads, you should consciously work with an agency that creates eye-catching and value-adding information. You want the ad to get the viewer engaged and possibly enter your marketing funnel.

Sponsored Content

This avenue presents more flexibility compared to PPC ads. Sponsored content on LinkedIn works much like Facebook’s boosted posts. You can use this to promote your brand or product through relevant content. It will show up naturally on a viewer’s feed. Sponsored content is potentially powerful especially if it contains well-written copy. Good content includes timely and actionable information to help grow your authority with a given industry.

Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn’s message-based advertising channel, InMail, provides you with a more direct way to promote to your target market. This works notably well when you have taken the time to really pinpoint your audience. But because you are talking directly to prospects, do your best to make a good first impression. The LinkedIn advertising team you employ should know what makes a good message; personalized, gives intriguing and precious information, and comes off as naturally as possible.

Are Advertising and Marketing on LinkedIn Important?

As of December 2018, LinkedIn has reported a membership of about 590 million users. Using LinkedIn ads gives you the chance to sift through your target market and reach them with your offers. LinkedIn has proven most effectual in B2B marketing. Because most members are professionals, owners, founders. and decision-makers, it acts as a prime location to generate new leads for your own business.

In addition, it’s important to advertise on LinkedIn if you are business-facing because:

  • Ads can target precise segments of its members with ease. The ad platform gives you access to a powerful system that lets you filter by location, job title, company, and more.
  • People are on the platform for work or business. For that reason, there is a higher likelihood of them paying attention to an ad for a product or service that can potentially help them.

Clearly, LinkedIn marketing and advertising must be a priority for your business. You might not want to handle this yourself because of the time and effort it takes to implement a proper leads generation campaign. That’s where a proper LinkedIn advertising agency comes in.

How can a LinkedIn Advertising Agency Help Your Business Grow?

Outsourced digital marketing, in general, provides a lot of benefits to any business. A LinkedIn advertising agency, specifically,can help your business grow by:

  • Developing an overall advertising strategy to accomplish your goals on LinkedIn.
  • Giving expert advise on how content gets created and shared.
  • Making attractive ads.
  • Ensuring that ads are targeting the audience you want to reach.
  • Tracking all ad units, testing different versions to see what methods work best, and optimizing ads accordingly.

Whether you’ll get results depends on how well you chose an agency. If you pick the right LinkedIn advertising agency from the onset then you can expect a good return on investment.

But how should you pick an agency, exactly?

Picking the Right Agency for Your Business

Choose a LinkedIn advertising agency with a team that is:

  1. In or near where your business operates. You should also look for round-the-clock availability.
  2. Not set on their own processes. They should easily take individual business needs into account and adjust to them.
  3. Effective at communication. Working with an outsourced team means you will do business over the phone or the Internet most of the time. Look for an agency that will update you constantly.
  4. Managed by a leader with a proven record in your business niche. Aside from looking up the agency’s site and social media, look for things like testimonials from previous clients. You could also try to study how the agency accomplishes its own marketing by studying their ads.
  5. Willing to work within your budget. How much money spent on ads is up to you. Make sure to pick a LinkedIn advertising agency that will optimize your ads for maximum effect.
  6. Composed of experts who keep up to date with the platform and the industry in general. The best way to do this is by talking to them. Ask questions about their process, marketing strategy, and experience with previous ad campaigns in your initial meeting with the team.
  7. Able to install and use analytics effectively. This way you will get access to actual data about how ad campaigns are performing. LinkedIn has a powerful conversion tracking system that integrates with Google Analytics as well.

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

  • It is the perfect place for your business to establish a presence. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to build your reputation as an authority in your niche. This is accomplished easily with effective and value-adding content that a skillful LinkedIn advertising agency team will provide.
  • Your ideal market segment is in the audience. What good is excellent copy if not seen by the right people? LinkedIn boasts the most concentration of professionals among all other social networks combined. By targeting your ads correctly, you can are assured that your ads are shown to people whose problems you are offering to solve.
  • Business-to-Business marketing thrives on the platform. An effectual ad campaign on LinkedIn can generate more leads because people are there on business. They are looking to constantly improve their processes or solve their problems. It is a given that the solution your business is offering will be noticed. This just depends on how well your ads are crafted and targeted. The right LinkedIn advertising agency will help you with that.

5 Mistakes a Skilled Agency will Help You to Avoid

  1. Selling from the beginning. This is especially true for InMail and in adding new connections. Building trust is always the goal of the initial interaction between your business and a prospect.
  2. Getting into advertising without a clear picture of your prospect. Have some research done on what your target market’s needs so you can tailor content and services to meet those needs. The right LinkedIn marketing team will ask for this information or help you develop it before launching an ad campaign.
  3. Not optimizing your own profile or business page. Information about you should be presented in a way that is easy to digest and highlight what you can do for the viewer.
  4. No follow-up was done. After the initial contact with a potential lead, following up with them is essential. A good LinkedIn advertising agency knows how to do this properly so you or your business does not appear overbearing or annoying.
  5. Not utilizing the platform fully. LinkedIn is built around engagement. The advertising strategy you implement must take this into account. The right agency will help you with:
    • Content publication, scheduling, and targeting,
    • Proper tagging of people or organizations in a post,
    • Commenting and replying, and
    • Creating groups or engaging with existing ones.

To sum up, choosing the right LinkedIn advertising agency increases the likelihood of your business generating new leads. New leads are important to any business. These leads, when nurtured, become customers. Some of them can even come back for your products or services again and again.

Through outbound and inbound lead generation, using LinkedIn Ads like:

  • Text, Image, and Video
  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail

You are able to present content that will provoke interest and give value to potential customers. These different formats allow for flexibility. Used properly, your LinkedIn Ads will act as lead magnets, engaging people and eventually turning them into prospective buyers.

The importance of getting your business seen on the platform cannot be stressed enough. If an ad campaign is done correctly, your business will come across as an authority. As a consequence of being an authority, whatever information you present will tend to get more engagement. People will trust your brand more. That trust can then be turned into profitable relationships between you and your customers.

For this reason, choosing the right LinkedIn advertising agency to carry out ad campaigns is necessary. Pick one that has a proven track record for other clients in your niche. Make sure that they are located near you and that they communicate well. The team they have should be experts who are updated with the latest skills and knowledge. They should be able to make use of analytics systems to track every important piece of data related to your LinkedIn advertising campaign.

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