Do you struggle with profiling your best prospects and then building targeted lists with contact details?

You may have experienced challenges getting stuck at the gatekeeper or finding out just who the right person to contact is in an organization.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, confused or ‘dead in the water’ and don’t know what to do to find the right contact details for your best prospect…

WITHOUT spending hours doing tedious research or calling switchboards, hopelessly trying to obtain direct dial numbers, then this guide is for you. Read this guide to the end and you’ll have a simple 2 step process that’ll show you…

How to profile and obtain the contact details for any hard to find prospect.

If whatever you’ve tried in the past has left you feeling confused and overwhelmed, this guide will solve that for you by showing you 2 different ways to build highly targeted lists of even the toughest prospects. This guide will hand you that solution on a plate.

You see, this guide is dramatically different to others you may have read because it covers a unique way of creating small but highly targeted lists. Lists complete with contact details, using…

A new and little known technology that’ll revolutionize the way you win new business

I hope to to clear all of your confusion and overwhelm, and show you just how simple it really is to profile your best prospects and, at the same time, build highly targeted lists.

You already know that traditional list providers can be hard to deal with.

And you’re probably well aware that some are “less than ethical” when it comes to supplying you with other people’s contact records.

So, when looking for good prospects to connect with your mind probably races with questions like:

  • Where do I start?
  • Who do I trust to buy data from?
  • What is the data quality like?
  • Will it have direct dial numbers?
  • How accurate are the email addresses?
  • Why do I have to get 5,000 names when I only want 250 a month?

And that’s if you can even find a list broker.

A search on Google for ‘list of IT Directors in London’ gives this result:


Every single organic (non paid) result is totally irrelevant for what should have been a very easy search.

So right away, your natural starting point is useless in helping create a list of trusted resources with high quality data.

Even if you chose the paid ads, one leads to a hyped ‘we’ve got 1.8 million senior IT decision makers details’ style site which, quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust – oh, and the other leads to a dead website.

So not a huge amount of confidence in building a small list of highly targeted prospects here then!

Here’s the good news…

“It’s never been easier to build lists of highly qualified prospects of senior business people than right now, today.”

And that’s all down to the emergence of some revolutionary, but now proven technology, that’s totally changed the way you can prospect.

Read the rest of this guide and I’ll show you exactly…

How you can leverage this new tech, and reap the rewards…

Before I show you those solutions in detail I want to dispel some common myths about about outbound prospecting:


MYTH 1: You have to have telephone numbers and direct dial numbers

This isn’t true.

The changing nature of people’s communication preferences mean most people prefer first contact by email and very rarely respond to cold telephone contact.

So what we really need is highly accurate email addresses, and I’lll show you how to get these with ease.

If you qualify for a Predictable Pipeline Strategy Call with me I’ll show you exactly how you can create email prospecting systems that get up to 80% response rates from these very highly targeted prospects.

Now, let’s look carefully at the way we build these lists…

Myth 2: You’ll get caught at the gatekeeper

This isn’t true.

Many organisations have long since removed the personal PA for every senior executive.

You know the one. The one that used to screen the Executives email.  Most Executives process their own emails. What people refer to as gatekeepers are generally just switchboard operators who are put off with your requests for help to find the ‘right decision maker’.

You won’t get this with email contact and in fact If you qualify for a Predictable Pipeline Strategy Call with me I’ll , I’ll walk you through a simple process to turn the tables on your prospects company.

I’ll also be going in to detail on how to get multiple people helpfully replying to you, to tell you who you should be talking too.

They do the heavy lifting for you!

Myth 3: LinkedIn messages for cold contact are the way to go

linkedin messagingThis isn’t true.

For a start, LinkedIn is a hot bed of spam at the moment with fake profiles and group requests.

And besides, most senior people have opted out of message alerts and rarely login to pick up mails.

So when you can only send 20 or 30 a month you need to be sure of high response rates.

A recent client sent over 500 hand crafted LinkedIn emails with zero replies.

After using the tools I’m about to show you and the mail templates we cover in the Predictable Pipeline Strategy Call, he had 12 replies in 2 days from 50 emails and opened up a number of solid opportunities amounting to $500,000.00.

So if you’re happy to connect with people via email first (of course you are because that means no cold calling!) then read the rest of this guide for the…

2 ways you can quickly and easily build highly qualified lists


Option 1: How To Profile Known Prospects From Their Own Websites

You probably have a great idea as to where you can find companies to start building your list of prospects.

The type you’d LOVE to do business with.

I call these ‘Named Account’ prospects, which means they are a great prospect for you because:

  • they match the best clients you already have
  • they have the same business challenges and goals as your best clients
  • they are competitors or in the supply chain of your best clients
  • they can aid your strategic direction by launching into a new sector, country or launching a new service
  • they are great case study clients

Here you’ve already taken the first steps and developed a list of the companies…

Most companies have a senior staff profile page that may look something like the one below of a global Management Consulting company.




An easy way to profile these individuals and get their email addresses is by using a tool called ‘Capture‘ by Ring lead.

It is a piece of software that you use as a web browser extension that allows you to research people in a number of different ways.

What you’re doing here is building up a highly targeted list by selecting the people you would like to contact from their website.

how-to-build-a-prospect-list-3Step 1

Simply select the information available about the prospects you’d like to profile.

In the diagram above I’ve selected a number of key prospects from the Partners page to show you how this system can profile multiple people at the same time.

You could easily dig into their more in-depth bio and add more selected individuals.

Step 2

Selecting the capture facility from your browser adds all the selected people into a holding list.

You can then choose to research each prospect individually or process the entire list in one go.


Step 3

Simply by clicking the research button the system will shoot off to scour the internet for information to help you engage that person.

Of course, what we are most interested in is the email address so we can make direct contact with them.

Systems like capture typically give a 80-90+% accuracy on email addresses as opposed to 60 – 70% with traditional list brokers.

And you have the added bonus of no longer having to navigate the shark infested waters of list sellers!


Step 4

The system then comes back with all the relevant data such as their email address, their LinkedIn profile, their main telephone numbers and more detailed social media presences.

Great if you want to research them in more detail.

Using this type of research software, you can very quickly and easily profile key target, high potential return prospects in under five minutes. Just imagine what it’d be like to build up 50 to 100, highly targeted prospects daily. And if you want those result and don’t want to spend the time building the lists then you really should check out our done for you lead generation service because we take care of all the heavy lifting and hand you the leads on a plate.


Option 2: How To Profile Unknown Prospects

What if you’re like many of the sales people, business owners and consultants  I talk to and have no idea where to start building lists?

You may never have had to go out and target businesses before, and the whole concept of profiling prospects might be alien to you. Don’t worry…

I’ve got you covered too…

There’s been an emergence of revolutionary technology…

Technology that acts as a wrapper around the LinkedIn platform to use their search functionality to profile prospects.

They don’t take any contact data from LinkedIn.

Just the persons first name, last name and company name.

These services use that information to create permutations of what the email could be as a starting point and then find those mails on the internet by multiple ways.

There’s lots going on behind the scenes with these services so just trust they work!

There’s a few fantastic services that provide this capability and they change daily so the best way to find out which one is best for you right now is to see if you qualify for a Predictable Pipeline Strategy Call with me by clicking here

In fact when you register and attend  you get a detailed overview of how you can use these services to gain massive leverage when prospecting.

Going back to our opening search query of ‘IT Directors in London’ we could use LinkedIn search to find:

  • IT Directors
  • 25 Miles radius of a central London postcode
  • In companies with 11-500 employees


That gives you a list of potential prospects.

In the picture below I’m using the service which has added an ‘add to prospect’ button next to every profile.

It even gives me a pop up window showing all the results.

You can add prospects to a list using either method.

The system will then shoot off, do its thing and find their email addresses for you as well as social profiles.



A very similar tool is called Sellhack.

They use the same principle of using social profiles as a starting point.

You can then select a starting point from within their site, whether it’ll be from LinkedIn, github, google+, stackoverflow or twitter. They also have a tool to search on LinkedIn too.


how-to-build-a-prospect-list-8 (1)


  • Step 1: Choose your starting social site i.e. LinkedIn
  • Step 2: Select your profiling criteria
  • Step 3: Add the ones you want from the list and leave the software to go and find their email address
  • Step 4: An alternative way to build the list is to upload a list of people – the system will similarly then find the email addresses for you

Both and sellhack are covered in more detail in our free online prospecting sales training, where I’ll also show you an exclusive opportunity to get over 2,000 contacts profiled for free using these services.

By adopting a proactive outbound prospecting system using these cutting edge list building tools, you can build highly qualified lists of prospects that you can contact with ease.

Can you see now how you can build predictable new prospect meetings quickly and easily with zero cold calling by professional cold email outreach?

You, like me, know that there’s more to it than that though.

And that is why I’ve created a 6 step prospecting system to tie together everything you need to build a predictable and scale-able lead generation machine.

I designed it to give you the solution to generating, with absolute CERTAINTY,  a predictable number of highly qualified first meetings with ideal prospects.

I’ll walk you through the 6 steps if you qualify to attend a free Predictable Pipeline Strategy Call or there’s a great blog post on the 6 stages here

…when I’ll be walking you through, step by step, a simple 6 step prospecting system that’ll add massive value to your business…

Just click the banner below, then enter your name and email to secure your strategy call

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